The Plan

What it is.

Evansville has begun the process of developing a Climate Action Plan, estimated to be completed by September 2020. A CAP is a strategic plan that outlines how a city will reduce pocketoption greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to mitigate climate change. A CAP serves as a roadmap for making data-driven decisions to address climate change and ensure that a community meets its emissions reduction targets by a certain year. An example of an emissions reduction target is: “we will reduce GHG emissions by 30% by 2035 from the baseline year of 2019.” In order to set an emissions reduction target, a city must have a greenhouse gas inventory, which is an analysis of where emissions in that city come from (i.e. cars, landfills, buildings, etc.).

The City of Evansville CAP will be informed by local leaders’ expertise and current best practices to ensure the plan addresses our community’s principal needs. Our CAP will include:

  • A summary of Evansville’s GHG inventory,

  • Emission reductions targets for the city, and

  • Action steps to reduce GHG emissions in the following categories: transportation, energy and buildings, waste, and other actions.

Estimated CAP completion: September 2020

Climate Action (Mitigation): any activity that results in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Why it matters.

Although we may not realize it, our climate is already changing — and this is affecting all of us in Evansville. Some of these changes include record heat and more frequent droughts, heavier rainfalls, and more flash flooding. The list goes on. We must work together as a community to mitigate the impact of climate change. This doesn’t mean that we’ll stop driving our cars or eliminate waste overnight. Real change takes time, careful planning, and collaboration.

We must plan to gradually transition to using more renewable energy generation, like solar and wind power. The Evansville CAP will ensure we are prepared to address climate change as we continue to grow our city’s infrastructure, create new jobs, and work to become a community where “E” truly is for Everyone.

With your help, we have the power to transform the future of our community.